Constitution, Culture and Nation

Constitution, Culture and Nation


Kalraj Mishra





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Through this book, I am handing over the articles which I had written from time to time on the issues related to the Constitution, Indian Culture, and the nation to the readers out there. The Constitution of the country that was written after the independence of the country has the echo of this very culture of the nation. The Indian Constitution is based on the values of equality and liberty to all irrespective of caste, religion, class, etc. This is our culture. The Constitution, the culture, and nation are actually intertwined. I believe that the nation becomes stronger only when its people are committed to following the values associated with the Constitution and culture. Even though we got freedom from the British in 1947, the real freedom of the country means writing our own destiny. It is also important to uphold freedom. Upholding freedom means committing to fulfilling one’s duties towards its nation and enjoying the rights written in our Constitution. I like to call the ‘Indian Constitution’ a ‘global document of human rights’. The reason being the perfect blend of rights and duties consisting the lofty values allied with life on which the development of humanity is founded.

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