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Bharat (India) remained lead nation of the world. For a short period of about a thousand years, Bharat lost its status as it could not repel the invaders from east or west. After independence, rejuvenation of the nation got initiated. On the completion of 75 years of independence, there is an opportunity to visualise our nation’s status when it becomes hundred years old in 2047. This book presents a comprehensive dialogue about the future of our nation during and after 25 years. The activist thinkers have visualised different scenarios of Bharat at 2047. Our nation has the privilege to communicate within and without in many languages. The English version of the book carries collective vision of 20 experts and covers subjects varying from rural life to global threats, dharma, sanskriti and technology, economics, finance and defence. In this unique dialogue organised by Panchnad Research Institute, the intellectual warriors have open their heart. Institute believes that these are not only dreams but may be conceived as plans of future action.

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