Nelson Mandela - A Complete Biography

Nelson Mandela - A Complete Biography


Dr. Gaurav Gupta





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Nelson Mandela remains an icon politician who led the struggle to replace an apartheid regime in South Africa with a multiracial democracy. He is remembered not so much for being the country's first black President, but for being the first to have galvanize an entire country against colonial oppression. Mandela's life is a lesson to those who fear hardship. He showed nothing worthwhile can be achieved without facing and indeed, surmounting hardships in life. He himself took all the hardships in his stride and saw the struggle through until the oppressive forces were compelled to yield. His charisma, self. deprecating sense of humour and above all, lack of bitterness over the harth treatment he endured are a testament to his towering global appeal. He never tried to take revenge, not even against those who tortured him. This book is a humble effort to trace Nelson Mandela's life, from his childhood and years in jail to his rise as President. It will inspire readers to follow the ideals and values of life cherished by this icon.


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