Success-O-Dynamics: Beyond 8000 Stepwalks…

Success-O-Dynamics: Beyond 8000 Stepwalks…





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Success is your birthright. Ensure no one snatches it.” With a vision of transforming the nation from ‘Good to Great’, the author has spearheaded a mission to inspire professionals, especially youth, to develop self-belief with a ‘Yes, I Can (YIC)’ attitude. Although he is a Post-doctorate in management and an alumnus of IIT Delhi, the author has taken inputs & suggestions from his son, a young manager in an MNC, making this book a good read for the younger generation. He is a visionary thought leader promoting Positivity, Growth, and Sustainable progress for the youth by following the MESH concept (Make Everyone Successful and Happy). The author introduced a disruptive ‘Three-Engine’ model to succeed and emphasized the YIC approach to ignite minds to make them believe in their inherent dormant capabilities to ascend to their Everest of success. Further, he has developed 21+ Disruptive innovative management theories. This book will be published in two volumes with three modules Self-Exploration, Self-Empowered, and Self-Actualization. This book is about Self-Exploration and will facilitate the readers to know and prepare themselves to ascend their Everest ‘Beyond 8000’, the first step in their Success journey. The other volume will guide readers on Self-Empowerment & Self-Actualization, leading to being an Achiever and Super-Achiever (Outlier). It would help to purge the ‘Alas’ moment to have a regret-free Successful, and Happy life. The learning’s from this book would be helpful for professionals, including next-generation youth, in developing contours of Progress & Success.

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