The Road to Infinity

The Road to Infinity


Tanbir Dhingra





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400 mins

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"A Self-Exploratory Odyssey to ‘Infinity’ and ‘Beyond’ with Infinite Thoughts encapsulating Infinite Emotions in Infinite Moments giving Infinite Chances to explore ‘Who You Are in the quest for ‘What Is life’. A magically crafted peregrination of quotations reveals a deep longing for a greater sense of meaning, happiness and contentment. It helps to create enchanting thoughts that incorporate the classic tools of transformation into a simple philosophy of living. This is not just another book that should find its way to the self-help shelf; rather it’s a coach to motivate you and a best friend to inspire you forever. The book teaches us wisdom to: Build a Life of Passion, Purpose and Peace Value Time as our most important commodity Stay Fit by creating healthy habits not restrictions Nourish our Relationships and value things we Love Cultivate innovation of Colors and creativity from Nature

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