DATTOPANT THENGADI The Activist Parliamentarian

DATTOPANT THENGADI The Activist Parliamentarian





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The dimension of Dattopant Thengadi, founder of the largest trade union movement in India, that has been brought out in this volume is his role as an activist parliamentarian through his debates in the Rajya Sabha for two terms from 1964 to 1976. What stands out from the extracts of his speeches in Parliament are his meticulous presentation of facts, highly referenced propositions and dignified response to counter viewpoints. His intense intellectualism and his diverse fields of knowledge are manifest in the range of subjects Thengadi handled, each an area of specialisation for an expert. This volume is a lesson for young and elder parliamentarians of today on how to be an efficient, a competent and an elegant parliamentarian. To those interested in post-independence India’s political evolution, this volume provides a window through Thengadi’s political activism in his two terms in Parliament which spanned some of the most momentous developments in India’s political history after independence.

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