How To Think Like a Billionaire

How To Think Like a Billionaire


Pradeep Thakur





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Achieving ‘success’, in any sphere of life can be compared to walking a tightrope. But are difficulties bigger than the power of the human mind? How to Think Like A Billionaire by Pradeep Thakur enlightens us that it is just a matter of the right mindset, the vision of seeing ourselves at the pinnacle, that takes us a long way towards our ultimate goal. The book conveys valuable advice that can help to shape the vision which in turn will shape the mission. The author tells us relatable Stories of the beginnings of some of the richest people in the world They began from humble backgrounds, faced life’s tribulations, and everything seemed unfavourable, but what never dimmed their spirit was a ‘positive attitude’. And it kept them going on. When we aim for something big, it is Common to experience fear, self-doubt, low morale or any kind of mental blockade. The book encourages its readers to employ the power of mental and physical Capacities for emerging into a powerful identity. The book also urges its readers to focus on improving financial health, keeping healthy and fit and changing life with immense passion.

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