Kargil: A Saga of Sacrifice & Heroism

Kargil: A Saga of Sacrifice & Heroism


Rishi Raj





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This book is a great tribute to our brave soldiers who fought fiercely in the Kargil War. In this book, you will know about the lives of various Kargil heroes such as Captain Saurabh Kalia, Captain Vijyant Thapar, Captain Vikram Batra, Captain Manoj Pandey, and many other young soldiers who had sacrificed their lives for the pride of Mother India. You will learn how our nerves had refused to admit defeat, even under adverse conditions and now they turned the tables on Pakistan no had assumed the war to be already won. in this book, the author Is also sharing his experience of meeting the families of the martyrs. The Kargil war was an outcome of Pakistan's betrayal as they had used Stealth to occupy 150 posts located along the 160 Km long Line of Control. This book also sheds light on our political and diplomatic victory and various other aspects of the Kargil War like the refusal of both China and the United States to provide any support to the Pakistani forces. This book Is an attempt by the author to keep alive the memories of all those martyrs, who laid their lives in the service of nation.

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