An Odyssey Through The Dark

An Odyssey Through The Dark


Rehan Raza





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A flourishing career, a passionate love affair and a lasting friendship come in the way of an unforgiving disaster. What ensues is a desperate attempt to hold onto the pieces that are falling apart. The pandemic not just ravaged the lives of millions of people but also bolstered the feelings of love, friendship and brotherhood in its wake. When the world was collapsing under COVID-19, a group of youngsters was busy salvaging humanity. While the Delhiites were adrift on the second wave, the heroic efforts of Rahul, a small-town boy, and Aditi, a gorgeous, affluent and qualified doctor with a benevolent heart, together with the support of the district administration’s office proved that not all heroes wear capes. But are these heroes ready to pay the price for providing succour to others? Will they be magnanimous enough to let go of their own dreams, aspirations and even their life as they devote their time and resources to provide relief to strangers? Will their love tide over the unforgiving disaster that has gripped the world?

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