Glimpses of Ramayan, the Hymns of Himalaya

Glimpses of Ramayan, the Hymns of Himalaya





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Cross-cultural respect is the Spiritual philosophy of India. May the present work prove to be the medium of interfaith movements. Ramayana is one of the most important ancient epics known to the historic footings of mankind. Ralph Griffith writes—‘Even far inferior poetic powers are, I think, much more Homeric than any literary prose.’ So this poetic expression, the first of its kind in English, as should have inherent power to penetrate through the soul, will surely permeate into the mind of the reader. These verses are the outcome of a thorough study of Valmiki Ramayana and its offspring in various languages of India i.e. Tamil (Kamban), Malayalam (Ezythechan), Telugu (Shrimoll), Adhyatma Ramayan and above all Tulsi’s Ramcharit Manas in Awadhi. The poet has verified his Bhakti following the meters and Vowel-marks (Matras) as followed by Goswamiji in his couplets, quadruplets, Stanzas & Distiches. Bhakti is the main force behind and so, should these verses have more impact?

Akhilesh gumashta

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