Mobile Journalism

Mobile Journalism


Dr Rahul Dass





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This book on mobile journalism stitches together a tapestry of knowledge that will enable academics, students and the common people to have a deep and sound understanding about MoJo. Mobile journalism has seen an exponential growth in the recent years, with a large number of people taking to MoJo in their effort to tell stories. The mobile phone has practically revolutionized the way journalism was being pursued and significantly opened up the field of mass communication. The journey of the mobile phone from just being an instrument for making and receiving calls to today being the harbinger of change has been dramatic and perhaps, without any parallel. It is a fine example of the impact that technology has on everyday life of the ordinary people. A key aspect of this phenomenal growth has been the rapid advances in the technology that is now rolled into the mobile phone. Right from shooting high- quality images and videos to the software that can process those files to mind-boggling storage to handling a wide variety of activities, necessary for storytelling are now a part and parcel of mobile phones. Intrepid journalists as well as common people are now able to do a number of tasks for which they were earlier dependent on desktops and laptops. To generate and share stories on the move is an important differentiator.

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