A Complete Biography Of Nick Vujicic : Become Your Own Miracle!

A Complete Biography Of Nick Vujicic : Become Your Own Miracle!





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Nicholas James Vujicic, famously known as Nick Vujicic, is a real-life ‘miracle man’ who, despite his severe disabilities, achieved impossible levels of success and fame. Australian-American Nick was born with extremely rare autosomal recessive congenital disorder which is characterized by the absence of arms and legs on human body. Nick’s parents were distressed by his condition, but Nick did not seem to mind it too much. He quickly adapted himself to doing things everyone does in daily life, and, as he grew older, charted a clear path for himself as a motivational speaker and Christian evangelist. He soon became an international icon with millions of fans and followers across the globe. Nick’s incredible journey is one of the rarest of rare inspirational life stories in which impossible odds were turned into deeply fulfilling successes. It will move you to strive for the next level of excellence in your own life.

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