The Sovereign: Sprouts Of Good Governance

The Sovereign: Sprouts Of Good Governance





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An empirical manuscript encompassing diverse disciplines, The Sovereign is Dr Panday’s magnum opus: it is a carefully-wrought narrative that aims to concretise his aspiration to elevate Indian society and lead the country towards a better tomorrow. Traversing the domains of political theory, philosophy, sociology, and more, this book is a panoptic one-stop shop to help the common people of India arm themselves with the fundamentals of the discipline of politics. From an account of the ancient Egyptian civilisation, to an exposition of democracy in the contemporary era; from Plato’s The Republic and Aristotle’s Politics, to feminism and the geopolitical globalisation of the twenty-first century, The Sovereign by Dr Kislay Panday is an all-pervasive narrative that not only recounts the political history of the world, but helps one understand how to utilise these learnings to engender social progress in real-time.

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