The Life and Times of Sri Aurobindo Ghosh

The Life and Times of Sri Aurobindo Ghosh


Kaushal Kishore





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Aurobindo's ideology and principles embody divinity, ethics, spontaneity and knowledge. He was an accomplished teacher, a profound scholar, a writer and a spiritual Guru. For him, nationalism was a holy offering to the motherland when viewed from the divine perspective. Aurobindo also played a very prominent role as a revolutionary. His contribution to politics cannot be ignored. Although his writings are philosophical, they also provide valuable social and cultural analysis. He was the one who suggested that "Poorna Swaraj" should be the main aim behind the revolutionary movement against the British. Nationalists were aroused with the inspiration to seize power from foreign masters. Aurobindo was an eminent educationist also. He greatly valued the inherent qualities and talents in each child. He felt that the role of education should be to nurture and enhance these God-given qualities. This book throws light on Sri Aurobindo Ghosh's Life. This is a biographical sketch for readers.

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