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I M Possible





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It is a story of a boy, Aditya, who struggles hard to achieve his dreams despite many odds. The novel takes the reader through Aditya's early childhood adventures to success in school and college. The college trekking expedition to the Himalayas takes the reader through beautiful, unique experiences of the Himalayas, where Aditya wins his love. It describes ways to understand the world differently and even touches on various social issues prevalent in India, like caste, religion, child abuse, corruption and inflation. The final part talks of the inner voice and mysticism of the universal soul, which is considered a great guiding force for a human being, provided he lowers his defence mechanisms to hear it. It is a philosophical, psychological and motivational story. This book won't let its reader lose the battle of life. It equips them to understand the world better and never get used by anybody. A self-motivating novel will provide energy to its readers to excel and succeed in life, especially those searching for their dream.

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