Ramayana for Children : Also for Young and New Readers

Ramayana for Children : Also for Young and New Readers


K.T. Narayanan





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Book Description

The Story of Rama, Seetha and Hanuman is inspirational and provides many life lessons, even for this modern era. Ramayana is the Story of Rama’s journey from which one can learn how to live an ideal life. Rama is famously known as ‘Maryada Purushothama’ where Maryada denotes honour and righteousness while Purushothama means the supreme or the greatest man. Together, the phrase means ‘the man who is supreme in honour and righteousness.’ This book is based on Valmiki Ramayana. This book has been written in a short and comprehensive form to make it easy to read and understandable for young and new readers. Children or anyone above ten years can learn about Rama’s life journey with this book. Hopefully, the story of Rama will enable everyone to live a virtuous life by taking an example from his life as an ideal human being.

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