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The sole aim of writing this book has been to rekindle the values of Kashmir that has been considered as the cradle of civilisation. The book aims at making the world know about the land of Kashmir that has been a prime contributor in extensively escalating Bharatiya culture across the globe. The book articulates about the reality of ancient Kashmir where people belonging to different sects lived peacefully and in co-existence. For centuries, education, culture and knowledge has been a matter of reverence and honour that has consequently produced great scientists, scholars and saints and has made Kashmir a melting pot of knowledge and wisdom. The book brings to light the invasions and forcible conversions that has led to genocide and seven recorded exoduses of Kashmiri Hindus. It also recommends some steps that government needs to take towards the dignified return of Kashmiri Hindus back into their homeland. Proud children of this land who carry with them the cultural heritage of Kashmir, its spiritual strength, urge for knowledge and search for truth, will be the harbingers of human hope. They will be the torch bearers of respect for elders and teachers, universal love and unlimited hospitality for all beings. This book is a collection of inspiring cultural folklore of Kashmir.

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