A Journey of Hope And Belief

A Journey of Hope And Belief


Dr. C.P. Thakur





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Dr CP Thakur's A Journey of Hope and Belief is the story of a man born into a simple farming family in a village in North Bihar. His childhood was marred by recurrent fevers that kept him homebound for months. He was in high school when the disease was finally diagnosed as Kala-azar. Undeterred, he went on to study medicine and did his MRCP from both London and Edinburg. He made a name for himself in India as a remarkable doctor and scientist. His pioneering research in the field of Kala-azar earned him worldwide recognition, including the Lifetime Achievement Award from WHO. In 1984, he embarked on a new journey in public life when he was elected a Member of Parliament from Patna and continues to serve the people wholeheartedly even today.

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