Super Child 52 Habits

Super Child 52 Habits





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We want best for our children. You can make your Child a Super-Child! Yes, you heard it right. Habits are the way which can really make our Child a Super-Child. Our child needs good habits, skills and values which he can use to develop himself into a super-child and unleash his true potential. This book is based on this theme. There are 52 simple habits which correspond to 52 weeks in a year. A child can make one habit per week and by the end of the year, he is will have 52 habits which will surely make him a super-child. The various chapters in this book consist of behaviours, manners, skills, habits and values which a child must possess so as he can be what he should be in life. These 52 habits cover all the aspects of child’s life—be it is his health, hygiene and fitness; his passions and purposes, his belief-system, his personal and family values. By reading this book, he as well as his parents can help him find his passion and purpose of life and how to successfully achieve them by adopting these 52 habits.

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