Teachers are Shapers: Unlock Your Teaching Excellence The GOPTA NLP Way

Teachers are Shapers: Unlock Your Teaching Excellence The GOPTA NLP Way





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This is a unique book of its kind helping teachers to unlock their teaching excellence and become a highly influential teacher. Have you ever wondered how to unlock and maximize your teaching excellence hidden within you; how to cope up with newer challenges each day due to ever changing curriculums; how to handle the ever-increasing expectations of parents’ & students; how to help your students and prepare them for the day when they will eventually join any job or profession; and how to distinguish yourself as a highly influential teacher? This book revolves mainly around the topics of creating an enriching learning environment for the students; making them goals-oriented; helping them to utilize their time in goals-oriented manner; understanding the internal representation system of the students; building rapport with the students so that you could easily communicate with them and suitably guide them; etc. The author has also shared how to use the ‘GOPTA Mindset’ to overcome day-to-day challenges in dealing with students and how to become a highly influential teacher. A Practical Handbook For All The Teachers Who Want To Connect With Students in More Enriching Ways Than Ever Before.

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