Be Your Own Chanakya

Be Your Own Chanakya


Renu Saini





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Book Description

Chanakya, through his monumental work 'Arthashastra" and his various policies, has attempted to convey the concept to everyone that agility, ingenuity, education, and good behavior are essential for any kind of life. Whether one is a warrior or a householder, a student or a ruler, or even a common man or a soldier, these qualities are important. An educated and intelligent person can make even an impossible thing possible and transform an unfavourable situation into a favourable one. It is generally said that time changes everything. but Chanakya believes that such a person changes time by transforming themselves, demolishing old records, and making new ones. A learned and intelligent person knows how to achieve their goals by giving them positive, rapid, concrete, long-term, and distinct forms. The purpose of writing this book shall be accomplished even if a single reader can use it as a medium to uplift their life and attain their desired goals.

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