Our Journey

Rachnaye’s journey began with one number, 86 million. There are 86 million digital readers in India, which is expected to increase to 105 million by 2026. There are 750 million smartphone users in India itself. However, there is little to no support for Indian publishers and writers who wish to tap into this reader base.

Rachnaye creates a shared ecosystem for publishers, writers, editors, proofreaders, graphic designers and readers to develop and enjoy content across hundreds of languages. We provide writers and publishers with access to the support systems they need to grow and give India’s voracious readers access to books that imbibe a sense of joy and touch their hearts.

Rachnaye’s Values Are Stemmed In Accessibility, Transparency, And Growth.

The Rachnaye platform provides publishers complete control over their works, helping them set prices, target new audiences, and manage their content with ease. It also provides them with invaluable data insights, such as popular regions and purchase patterns.

Writers on Rachnaye enjoy access to millions of readers and unprecedented revenue models. We also work to connect regional writers to readers across the country, increasing the availability of digital books in various languages and dialects. 

As for readers, we provide an app that offers them an extensive collection of the literary works that India and the world has to offer.

The Rachnaye Ecosystem

Rachnaye’s ecosystem has several key players. One such player is the writer, seeking an opportunity to become a best-selling author. Writers can share their work in the form of stories, poems, novels, articles, and columns, to name a few. Millions of readers can then access these works in their chosen language.

Publishers can then reach out to these authors and work with them to take their writings to a more significant audience. They can take the help of numerous experts, such as editors, proofreaders, marketers, and designers, to bring these works to life. Rachnaye offers them piracy protection and a marketplace for the books they publish.

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