The Rise Of The Right In Bengal

The Rise Of The Right In Bengal


Animesh Biswas





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Bharatiya Janata Party created history in 2019 by winning a thumping majority in the Loksabha elections under the dynamic leadership of Prime Minister Narendra Modi and the able captaincy of the then National President Amit Shah. BJP created a milestone in the country’s history. West Bengal which was never a stronghold of BJP earlier gave unprecedented results by winning 18 seats (eight times of the previous tally). This was a complete team effort of the party’s soldiers and their generals in West Bengal, who were working tirelessly to achieve this feat. The results are also a testimony of Bengal’s rich historical attachment with BJP or Sangh Parivar. This book explores those historical aspects, political history, social reasons, dark age of communist rule till the bad times of the Trinamool government. The win in 2019 cements those facts and this book narrates ‘The Rise of The Right in Bengal’.

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