Kailas: Shiva's Abode

Kailas: Shiva's Abode





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Wanderlust and the desire to know the land and society more had been fueling my wish to visit Kailas. There were many curiosities. All our major rivers have their source in the region. The largest reservoir of fresh water on earth is situated there. The celestial swans are found there. I recall that how in my childhood, my Grandmother used to describe Kailas as being akin to a dreamland. According to her, Shri Krishna has said in the Gita – Meruru shikhirinamaham – ‘Among mountains I am Kailas!’ It was Sage Mandhata who first set foot on this sacred soil. Adi Shankaracharya shed his mortal body here. Guru Nanak meditated here and Swaminarayana, the founder of the sect that bears his name, saw the vision of god here. The Ramayana and the Mahabharata mention Kailas. This is where Ravana had worshipped Lord Shiva. He wanted to take Kailas with him. Shiva guilefully dissuaded him from doing so. Arjuna performed penance here and received the Pashupata Astra from Shiva. Yudhishthir proceeded heavenwards via this route. One by one, all the family members fell by the roadside; only the faithful dog kept company. Bhasmasur, the Rakshas, a devotee of Shiva was reduced to cinders here. Today the dark shadow of civilisation has begun to fall even on Mansarovar. This lake is shrinking. The sacred water body, that once stretched across 410 square kilometres, is now shrunk to only 10 square kilometres. Consider this the rage of Nature. Had Kalidasa been alive, he would have been deeply saddened to see his beloved Himalaya in this state. Is it the same Himalaya that is described in Raghuvamsham and Kumar Sambhavam? Civilisation has reached a point where the divine dimensions of Himalaya are disturbed.

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