The Orioles are Back and Other Stories

The Orioles are Back and Other Stories







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Eminent writer Chandrakanta's work encompasses both socio-economic and political situations, as they have repercussions on human life. Her focus is on humanism and the value system. Her writing delves into problems and questions of identity of women and the less privileged, the effects of globalization, broken relationships and clashes between inner realities, hopes, and dreams of people with the outer harsh realities of the system. The stories "The Orioles are Back" and "Abbu had said" showcase human values. The effects and repercussions caused by militancy are portrayed in stories such as "The black Snow", "The Voice", "The dispossessed", and "Gasha Koul". Old age issues in changing times are philosophically dealt with in "Exile". "The dream of roses" and "Rights for the departed" hold up a mirror to corruption in society. "Amidst wrong people" is based on the hopes, empathy, and dreams of marginalized people. "Lark in the heart" is based on the aspirations and the wish to connect with people dispassionately. The remaining stories, such as "Thresh hold of justice", show the plight and sufferings of women suppressed under the societal superstitions. This collection of her stories has different shades and colors of society.

Vyas Samman
DSC Prize for South Asian Literature
Subramanya Bharati award

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