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Only an awakened person can be a true leader. He will share his experiences rather than imposing them on others. A leader should have clarity and capacity to explain any situation before the others and give them freedom to choose according to their own understanding. That knowledge is a true knowledge which is able to eradicate completely the venomous diseases, like unrealistic desires, anger, laziness, greed, pride, tension and depression from its root. When the source of the problem has been identified and salvaged, the solution comes automatically because alertness is the only key and the final solution to any problem. A person can truly love only when from the core of his heart, he eradicates all negativities, jealousy, hatred, inferiority complex, false hopes and fills himself with immense love. If a person really desires to become strong, there should be a balance and synchronisation of all the three qualities — traditions, thoughts and behavior. —from this book These gems of thoughts will inspire you and transform your life, thus giving contentment, satisfaction, happiness and all the good virtues.

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