Don’t Think & Grow Rich

Don’t Think & Grow Rich





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Don’t Think and Grow Rich offers a novel lens to view behaviours and judgments. This book could have had a dramatic effect on your viewpoint. The book is based on scientific research and Studies undertaken throughout the world followed by anecdotes from the life of Mr. Suresh Mansharamani to help make them more relatable. The reader can apply the knowledge to circumstances in which they observe others relying excessively on thought. The critical point is to discern whether we are simply thinking about our decisions or have succumbed to Paralysis of Analysis. Don't Think and Grow Rich focuses on making once-in-a-lifetime choices and contains practical advice on how to increase your capacity to make quick and intuitive judgments. Everyone assumes that we live in an age of short attention Spans, but during the last several decades, we've learned a great deal about forming long-term judgments. Dr. Suresh Mansharamani makes a compelling case for more careful and creative decision-making. Don't Think and Grow Rich, on the other hand, demonstrates how we might approach these decisions more effectively and comprehend the subtle wisdom of the choices that shaped our most significant social history.

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