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Temple Management





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India has a rich and diverse culture, with its different rituals, practices and customs. The temples all across the country are testimony to such diverse rituals. India has around 30 lakh temples. It has a potential to bring socio-economic transformation in India. The book is a documentation to this effect on a very novel subject of temple management. The scientific approach, the service mind and the management skills have the potential to change the scenario of the temples in India. Dr. Suresh Haware being a senior nuclear scientist and a successful businessman besides serving as chairman of Sri Sai Baba temple located at Shirdi, has penned down his experiences and his prospective plans on managing the temples. The temples possess a huge potential for employment generation that has not yet been harnessed. Institutions could carve out professional courses in the subject to make suitable manpower available for managing the temples effectively. This book is of interest to and will attract the attention of professionals towards this necessity. It will provide a spark to many minds from the business, industry, religion and institutions so as to attract many souls to the innovative subject of temple management. Temple management will then make a difference.

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