Love - A Sweet Poison

Love - A Sweet Poison


Bijender Singh





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Book Description

Love: A Sweet Poison is an anthology of nineteen short stories based on the theme of love that becomes poison if reciprocated wrongly to appease the false ego leaving behind emptiness of dark silence and heaps of shattered dreams. Love is a divine neurological feeling and psychological necessity like thirst and hunger. It would be erroneous to elevate ‘Love’ to the level of ‘God’, but the fact—love permeates the whole universe—cannot be ignored. Love is a feeling less to be defined and more to be experienced, so love blindly and unconditionally to lump up your emotions more vehemently but only when the time is ripe and circumstances favourable. Side-effects of passionate love, romance, betrayal, heartbreaks and ditching of partners after sexual gratification, etc., have been chosen exclusively as core issues in this anthology which will prove a torchbearer to the teens and youngsters. This anthology highlights the pernicious results of love as an obsession at an immature age, and it will take you to a world of badly broken hearts and never healing scarred souls.

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