The Mystery Of Questions

The Mystery Of Questions


Pratyush Dubey





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488 mins

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Book Description

Peter, just like any other kid of that age, starts dreaming about how entertaining and blissful his college life will be. The freedom from the regulated life by his parents is what attracts him the most to that life. Until one night, when he stays back at the college library for long. Unaware of the reasons behind the unusual events, he starts finding solutions of his own. Caroline, his only friend, becomes an integral part of all the eccentric episodes. A test of friendship, affection, and ambition is what the future brings for him. Every second of his life unfolds a new dramatic battle between deception and reality. To trust his mind or not- that emerges as the ultimate question for Peter. Stimulating, incisive and riveting, the mystery of questions is pratyush dubey’s first mystery-thriller novel.

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