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"Khwahishen" is a Hindi poetry and Shayari collection; most of the verses are emotions of love, sadness, wait, n dreams etc.; the poetry is in simple Hindi n coupled with some lovely words of Urdu; the verses are an exploration of the soul, close to life, straight from the heart... The best part is the poems are felt through every human nature, and while reading, one feels it's all about my thoughts. Sonika 'Niti' Ahuja is a Hindi poet who started her career as a homoeopath but gave up her practice to look after her children. She is a proud mother of three daughters and a son, who passed away while he was still very young. She is a passionate writer who started writing in her early forties to express her thoughts, feelings and dreams. She is already an author of a book named 'Soul's Whispers'. She currently resides in Ludhiana, Punjab, with her husband, father-in-law and three daughters, whom she loves to her heart's content, and she is a source of inspiration for thousands of people...

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