That IS Not What I Said

That IS Not What I Said


Dr. Katrina Wood





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Dr. Katrina wood on... Trigger words: "The deterioration of relationship communication often begins with two simple words: 'why' And 'you'. A listener's historical pain and shame trigger immediate anger as a defense" Vulnerability: "being vulnerable is risky. It is also courageous. Unveiling your true self provides a means of being deeply connected." ghosts: "make a conscious and sustained effort to leave behind styles of communication from childhood. They limit your ability to share what you truly feel and think in the present." abuse: "most people have come to expect Verbal and emotional abuse and therefore tolerate it. Such abuse is hurtful, and leads to disconnection and pain in isolation." The sexes: "understanding some fundamental differences between men and women goes a long way towards improving communication and behavior in relationships." relationships: "each person in a relationship has a responsibility to work toward identifying and communicating thoughts and feelings in the moment.".

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