Amitav Ghost

Amitav Ghost


Supriya Deep





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200 mins

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Book Description

She is not aware that she is different. Priyakshee, an it professional, could just see flashes of the future In her dreams. Still, she couldn't save her mother; her father was far dead. The cover-faced, self-healer fighter with the aegishjalmur tattoo on his calf, negative, appears in her dreams and soon in real life. He protects her from attacks no one else knows about; tells her about her dead mother residing in his world: midlife-the ghost-world; falls for her against the 'ghost law of protectors'. Together they discover that priyakshee, like her mother, is a member of Jiva, a hidden society with the power of ghost-immortality. To keep her safe from himself, negative pursues her to marry her boss Amit who has developed an interest in her because she could prevision like amit's grandmother. On the seventh day of their engagement, priyakshee is found missing, Amit is convinced of her murder and after reading about negative in her diary, which says that priyakshee is captured in the ghost world, currently in eternal sleep waiting for Amit and negative to come and rescue her, Amit decides to prove her schizophrenic. Is negative really an imagination of priyakshee or she holds a key to power everyone in midlife would like to have? Why does priyakshee go missing? Does Amit get rid of her after knowing about her schizophrenia? Or does he just want Exemption from accusation to go and find priyakshee? 'Amitav ghost' Breaks the stereotype, rediscovers the concept of ghost, swings between psychological realism and fantasy, and keeps the reader guessing whether everything about negative is true or it's priyakshee's imagination.

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