Platonic Marriage

Platonic Marriage


Anjali Bhatia





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Ishika, a struggling actress with a string if disastrous relationships behind her, has given up hope of ever finding true love. She disdains the idea of marriage as life insurance policy and being seen as sex object by the men in her life. Mohan, a modest schoolteacher nursing a heartbreak that might never go away, has closed himself to the possibility of ever finding love ever again. With love he has also shut out the prospect of sexual intimacy ofor good. Being in their thirties and sharing an uneasy equation with mumbai the city in which they have faced their demons Ishika and Mohan strike up an unlikely friendship. Eventually this prompts Mohan to propose a Platonic Marriage: One in which they will be heartfelt companions to each other on mental, emotional and spiritual levels all except sexcual. After several reservations, Ishika accepts Mohan's proposal. But will Ishika and MOhan eventually succumb to the tug of desire or does life have even bigger surprises for them than having found each other?

Platonic Marriage
Anjali Bhatia
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platonic relationships
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