Not Very Far

Not Very Far


Jinnat Saberin





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Book Description

Fate- is the most fluctuating element of life. At times, it dissembles to be your best friend, your helping hand, your guardian. But the moment you trust it, It shatters you and your trust. It breaks you and builds you up so it can hurt you again. Fate binds the two budding teenagers- ashik and Sakshi. This pair of strangers belonging to two different corners of India seems to share numerous surprising similarities. They went from having the same letters in their names to having similar hobbies. The similarities never ceased to amaze them both. Back at the time, when Facebook and Orkut weren’t the ‘basic needs of the teens, there were those ridiculous chat rooms on channel [V]. Those that appear at the bottom of your TV screen. That’s where they talked for the first time. Who knew a real relationship would take birth there? Who knew they’d even fall in love? That’s fate! But the age was wrong- and the distance was long. Mistakes were inevitable, and trust was easy to lose. Ashik makes a mistake. An error is so bad that Sakshi finds it hard to trust him again. She leaves. They say you realise you love someone when you let them go- that’s what happened to ashik, too. Determined he would bring her back to his life, he heads off to Hyderabad from Assam, resisting all sorts of parental oppositions to study BBA- a course he was never interested in. Sakshi’s decisions were primarily governed by her emotions and not by logic. As a result, she’s either very right or wrong. Their relationship blooms yet again. But too much dependency and an uncertain career isn't a beautiful condition for a relationship.

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