There's Blood On Your Heart

There's Blood On Your Heart


Chirasree Bose





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410 mins

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Book Description

The emotional yet spine-chilling tale of an abandoned daughter and her quest for truth. “I want to have nothing to do with my mother. Memories of her are so very obscure that I cannot even tell if she existed after all.but then.20 years have passed and she still comes to me every night in my nightmare as though only to tell me there’s blood on my heart.” 8-year-old Nihar lost both her parents to a crime that after all these years remains elusive to her still. She remembers nothing about her dead mother and sentenced father. Upon receiving an email that leaves her gasping with disbelief at a strange revelation about the crime, Nihar comes back to India. To unravel the past that threatens the very foundation of her existence. With series of deaths taking place around her, one after another, and a hundred different versions of the crime floating about in every nook and cranny of her past, would Nihar finally get to the truth? Would she know why her mother had to die, who killed her, and why all these years, like a red phantomic silhouette, she kept following her everywhere? Why - what was it that she wished her only daughter to know?

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