Out of Love

Out of Love


Swetha R Mohan





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200 mins

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Book Description

Some relationships in life begin casually and come with us for a very long-time, more than we expected! Sometimes we misunderstand people and a few times we misunderstand what they mean to us. When we realize it, It is too late. Do we get a chance to restart? This fiction is about a few people in their prime part of life - late teens to early twenties. Priya, the Talkative, boisterous girl sets the pace of the story. She can be friends with anyone unlike sanjana, who sees her bestial and only friend in Oriya. All Indian teenage girls have a thing in common - their liking for Reel life heroes. The girls were no exception. They are die-hard fans of an upcoming actor from a star family, Rishi. Not an everyday thing, but it did happen to them. Priya, sanjana and Rishi cross paths. They meet, greet, get friendly and get closer. It is about these three people's journey - their emotions, their behaviour, and their relationship. The same love that brings them closer drifts them apart when dynamics change. Out of love, do they make, break or mend their relationship!.

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