Hues of Modern Love

Hues of Modern Love







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Have you ever got a chance to ask for an apology? Is your ex still suffering from the things you did? Had you ever loved anyone more than your life? Did you ever thought of realizing after a breakup that whatever you did was wrong? If answers to these questions are confusing than the two characters of this book will take you to the new ride of love and they will teach you on how to indulge into love in a better way. They will explain you the real meaning of modern love. While the journey to New Delhi both of them meet each other at the railway station and turned friends. They booze, fight and did mischievous things together but later on a girl named zoiba entered b/w two and was a third member in their group. As she was outspoken and friendly she slowly bent there talks to relationship and love. Agreeing to what she said all three started discussing about love, relationship and romance. Joy and cheery realized there love for ex was strong but it was late enough for an apology to be granted. Find out what they will do to get back everything to normal. Will zoiba help them or she will just listen to their pain and will ignore it

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