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Niharika Singh is a well-known, hot-shot journalist with CBC news and is the reigning queen of the prime-time news on Indian television. She is an innovative, stubborn, fearless young woman who prefers to be a field correspondent and report live information even from troubled and dangerous regions. For a similar assignment, she arrives in the jungles of Hungary, Chattisgarh, where an aspiring politician and an advocate of tribal rights, subhendu pal, is kidnapped by the Naxalite. Even weeks after his kidnapping, no ransom calls are received. Niharika and her team of Rajat- the cameraman, and Renu- her Assistant, set out for the dangerous jungles to uncover the truth. The three of them are ambushed when they set foot in Naxal territory, leading to the kidnapping of niharika. In the natal village, she chances upon subhendu and, being a Daredevil, decides to run away with subhendu. What follows is their dramatic departure facilitated by a Naxalite, their struggle in the forest, niharika's fights with the Naxalite, the slowly brewing Chemistry between her and the natal, and their ambush by the Naxalite. Do they survive their encounter with the natal bullets? Do they live to tell the tale? What happens to the love story between niharika and the natal? Would they meet again after being separated? Would they ever be able to spend a happily-ever-after? This is a highly engaging story with several twists and turns in the right places. The central characters have been nicely sketched, and the story moves incredibly. The suspense in the plot contributes significantly to the report, making it highly readable. Read this book to embark on a thrilling ride in the jungles of Hungary!

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