Diary of A Prostitute

Diary of A Prostitute


Mahendra Jakhar





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I AM A PROFESSIONAL. Expert. Lover. Daughter. Friend. Listener. Worker. Pleasure is my business. This diary is my truth. It's soaked in my blood and sweat. Nina, based in Goa, values her freedom and her loved ones more than anything else. Most men love to talk to her about their fears, passions, dark secrets, pain, grief and suffering. Like a seasoned therapist she holds on to their dark secrets while counselling them and mothering them. A young IPS Officer, the daring encounter specialist, haunted by her mother’s gruesome murder and the obsession to solve it finds solace in Nina. A most wanted killer for hire, secretly in love with a girl, seeks Nina's help and advice for his love life and romance. A mentally challenge boy discovering his sexuality finds guidance and a friend for life in Nina. Three young fanatic students blinded by fundamentalism, and dogma, find their life upside down as Nina opens their eyes to the many possibilities of life. A serial killer targets young girls in Goa. The police are under immense pressure to solve the case and they turn the mentally challenged boy into a scapegoat, the serial killer. Nina takes it upon herself to prove that the boy is innocent. To prove his innocence she will have to catch the serial killer. She teams up with her group of friends and goes on the wildest and the most dangerous chase of her life. She will have to make her way through Russian mafia, drug traffickers and arms dealers to solve the riddle and nab the psychopath. WARNING: This diary will capture your heart and blow your mind. Twisty. Sublime. Original. Hypnotic. Un-settling. Prepare to be obsessed.

Mahendra Jakhar
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grief and suffering
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arms dealers
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