Rukshat - The Departure

Rukshat - The Departure


Sujit Banerjee





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250 mins

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Book Description

Where a story stops, another one begins. The thing with them is, they never walk alone. They always walk with a group of friends. Each reaches its climax. Then with a final gasp of mortality and despair, fade away. No, they never die; they multiply. To the extent that the original gets lost and new ones are born. Over and over again. Yes, they get lost. No, they never die. They live on, permanently etched in the book of time. And from there, we borrow them and bring them alive. Again. And again. Here are twenty-six of them, some standing alone and some chatting with their long-lost friends. When they depart, they leave a lingering fragrance of nostalgia and curiosity. What happened then? Twenty-six alphabets, twenty-six names, and twenty-six short stories. Each explores one unique emotion, taking you into the dark recess of the mind. Some are frothy, and most of them opaque. Most are standing alone, and some are facing a mirror, where the same story comes alive in two different ways through two other protagonists. Meet diverse characters - from the single-minded prostitute to the man on the railway's station br>Bereft of any memory; a woman desperate for a biological child to a dead man's trial. Meet a jealous lover with a twisted brain and a gay man's memory of a one-night encounter. Meet twenty-six such characters arrested and sentenced for life inside the pages of a book—each one leaving an indelible mark on your soul.

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