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“The depth of my feelings for him was unimaginably stressful. When you realise the feeling — name it love — when it gets out of control, then the victim and the perpetrator get united. The want and the need to be loved then becomes a curse. And this curse can only be reversed by the spell of lying the truth.” – Lana Maxwell Lana Maxwell (the protagonist) had to make a decision; along with her mother’s Maxwell Enterprise, she had to inherit her life as well. Lana’s life is paused between her past and present — an ambitionless teenage, adventurous friends, first love, exploring the unknown, and shouldering real-life responsibilities with an accidental twist by Fate. This is a fiction based on real-life events. “If you think you are in for a light-read, you are mistaken. ‘Hookah Hits!’ is a story that will resonate with the emotions of every millennial. A beautiful piece of modern literature filled with undertones of realism and humour—this is a story of exploring one’s own dynamics of unleashing layers and layers of different chapters of life. With intriguing twists and turns in the plot, I would call this a classic book depicting the metamorphosis of human relationships.” – Priyanka Chakrabarti, Founder of thelifestylepotpourri.com & Deputy Editor at Maxim magazine. “Hookah Hits! takes you along with the protagonist on a discovery trip through a family’s saga. One can easily connect to the universality of the story and will be surprised how it unfolds. This novel is intriguing in its emotional depth and understanding.” – Alexander Funk, Producer at Oberon Film (A German Film Production)

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