Her Dreams : The Story After Her Departure

Her Dreams : The Story After Her Departure


Saransh Verma





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Book Description

“Have you ever lost someone very special to your heart?” completing a quota of nine months, she popped out from the womb of her mother, with cute twinkling eyes. Life was all fun then with daily discussions in a cheerful family of five. But one dark day, something happened and she went missing! So, how will you feel when your favourite person suddenly disappears from your life? You have unanswered questions like, what happened to her? Where did she go all of a sudden? Why did it happen? So here comes a young, witty story of a 16 year old carmelite, who had dreams of reaching heights which coincidentally met the doom, putting a full stop to everything. It shows the after-story of how a happy family breaks into pieces with the demise of their daughter, leftover with her dreams. Her mother had a dream of seeing her again, her father had a dream of dropping her school again, her brother had a dream of playing a set of chess with her again, her sister had a dream of gossiping with her again; it all just remained, a dream!.

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