Love Me Like You Do

Love Me Like You Do


Akarsh Raker





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143 mins

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Book Description

We have been taught that opposites attract but do it apply everywhere? Love is one such feeling in the world which cannot be defined with a set of words. It can neither be created nor be destroyed. Vikram, an engineering student, aspiring to be a writer, has a rough patch with his parents. His only reason to enjoy life was Kriti, hoping things would get better. He meets Dhruv, a filmmaker based in Bangalore who was looking for a writer to make his first feature film. Vikram and Dhruv got along quickly, and with this, Vikram's dream to pursue writing was coming true. He also gave up college for this. But later, life had different plans for him. Two incidents changed his life forever. Incidents he could never forget. One gave him love, while the other took away his life. Can love heal everything? Or everything in the world is love? Love me as you do is a tale of love, friendship, passion and setting yourself free to cross the boundaries of life.

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