The Parallel Love

The Parallel Love


Sid Crish





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280 mins

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Book Description

This is the love story of two girls, Aditi and Zara. One is from Pakistan and other is from India. They meet and fall in love with each other in a foreign land, and they make a promise to fight every demon of society for the sake of their love.But destiny has other plans for their love story. When their love is at its peak, a tragedy befalls Aditi, which forces her to return to her home country and ghost herself. After months of no communication, Zara decides to visit India in search of her love. What happens when Zara lands in aditi’s country to seek her love? Will she be able to find her love in the country of billions of people? Will society ever accept their homosexual relationship? Or will they remain as two parallel lines, moving alongside each other But without a destination and never destined to meet?.

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