Will You Marry Me ?

Will You Marry Me ?


Parulraj Jain





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Book Description

Will you marry me? What is the most frightening eight letters word? If the question were asked to girls, nine out of ten would have said ‘cockroach’. Wait!!! But that’s not an eight letters word. Okay, what is the most frightening word in English? Well, it is probably cockroaches for girls, but for boys, it is marriage. Marriage, is it as scary as it sounds? India, The most versatile and weird (in many ways) country in the world, has many forms of marriage. We have our ways of doing everything. We have many ways of doing the same thing across the country, and marriage is no exception. Marriage is a serious thing here, and it is more challenging to come out of this sacred bond than to enter into one. This is why everyone is so sceptical and afraid of this institution. The world is moving ahead, but we are relatively still or slow-paced. We don’t know if it’s good or bad not to let ourselves evolve with time and move on, but retro is a new cool, right? Read this hilarious romantic tale of how Modi's parents tricked him -their son- into embarking upon one of the oldest adventures called marriage with a stranger, nupur, for the rest of his life.

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