The Doctor's Heart : A Chamber Of Sorrow

The Doctor's Heart : A Chamber Of Sorrow


Mannit Mann





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Book Description

Should I enter this ward? Should | tend to the sick? Or should I succumb to the stark reality that surrounds us? Can a doctor have such thoughts? Does a doctor’s heart have the right to feel Low after choosing his profession? Aarav is equipped with knowledge and compassion, two qualities that make him an outstanding doctor. Hailing from Chandigarh, he is employed at the Medict Health Care Hospital as Assistant Clinical Coordinator, where he is trusted and loved by both his seniors and peers for his dedication to his work. He is engaged to Ishika, who is the cynosure of his life. But before they can marry, a catastrophic disease storms into their lives and turns it upside- down. Does Aarav handle this catastrophe, both at professional and personal levels? Or does he break down? What goes on in a doctor’s head when he pushes aside his personal life to give his all to his patients? This book is not a mere story; it’s an unforgettable journey into a doctor’s heart

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