Love 2 : A Sweet Poison

Love 2 : A Sweet Poison


Rajeev Pundir





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174 mins

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Book Description

What’s love? Since the dawn of life itself, this question has continuously baffled humanity. And this puzzle has not been solved yet. This cannot because the day This abracadabra is known, the very purpose of life and to live will cease to exist. Therefore, the mystery must go on… this is such a factor that where some find it quite encouraging, inspirational, soothing like a balm for the day-to-day problems, and prepare them to strive hard against all odds of life; the others feel it worse even than poisoning them down and ruining their lives. However—people will continue to fall in love! Sixteen excellent writers have tried to explore the world of this governing force of life—love, through their unique stories. Grab this anthology par excellence and indeed, you’ll not only feel and love but—live them!!

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