Joys and Woes are Woven Fine

Joys and Woes are Woven Fine


Arkaprava De





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Book Description

She was born in Kolkata. She was an unwelcomed guest, a product of lust. She had to pay the price. She was abducted and trafficked to Hyderabad. She spent nine years begging on the roadside. Destiny brought her back to Kolkata, where she was sold off to a procuress in Sonargachi. She married Raghu and started leading a healthy life. However, she attempted suicide. She was Ketaki. Why was Ketaki abducted and trafficked? Where were her father and mother? Was Ketaki ever able to meet her birth parents? Why did she attempt suicide? Was it all destiny that brought her back to Kolkata, or did The Almighty have something else in His holy mind? After all, Joys and Woes are always woven fine!!

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