The Last Wish

The Last Wish


Abhishek Kumar





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170 mins

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Book Description

Tommy (Tom), an Indian breed dog, was adopted by Amit who lived in Delhi in a rented house. Tommy was deeply connected with his master and the people in the colony he lived. Amit once left the home and Tommy was left alone in the colony. Tommy was not used to live like usual street dogs. He waited for his master for days and months but he didn't return back. Slowly he started getting involved with the other street dogs in the colony and discovered his parents living there. He also realized that he had a special talent of reading which he probably learnt by chewing the newspaper rolls daily. He got enough of love and care from his parents but his love for his master was never replaced. One day he saw a letter from his master which he wrote to the landlord. Tommy read the address and decided to go to his master's place- Gujarat. Although, he didn't had an idea about the distance, he left his parents to meet his master. Here's where Tommy's journey begins. He crosses the colony of a notorious dog named sultan and loses his parents during the course. He then gets picked up by a municipality bus and gets dropped in an unknown market. He meets a dog named Julie and falls in love with her. He discusses his desire to meet his master and learns that the place his master lives is very far away from there.

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